Spotlight: Inspirista, Joan Friedlander, Crohn’s Disease 0

(For your inspiration, the IWGN “Spotlight” feature highlights other entrepreneurs and achievers who are also living with chronic illness and making their mark on the world!  Meet these Inspiristas on our blog or in our newsletter.) Joan Friedlander is a seasoned business and life coach who, after 13 years, found her way to maintaining a ….

Giveaways! 0

We like to keep things fun at IWGN and part of the fun is our giveaways! Beginning this month, in each issue of Get Inspired! I will announce the details of how you can be entered to win a prize. Get Inspired! is the occasional newsletter publication of IWGN.  This publication brings you articles about ….

Happy New Year 2014 0

“Life is the best thing God has given to you. So be grateful for it. When you accept the goodness of life you will stop fighting against it.” Happy new year! I’m grateful to be alive in 2014. One of my best friends didn’t make it to the new year and another special person in ….

Get Inspired! 0

In the upcoming new year we will be introducing Get Inspired! — a news publication of IWGN. In this publication we’ll be bringing you articles about business, wellness, self care and more! We’ll share some of our favorite products. We’ll let you know about events taking place at IWGN as well as outside IWGN (both ….

The Miracle I’ve Been Looking For! 0

(From Diary of a Chronically-Ill Entrepreneur) Some of the things that PD makes difficult to do are fine motor skills, like writing and keyboarding (a.k.a. typing if you’re old school 🙂 !)  When I first began to experience this symptom I heard about the dictation software Dragon. Thinking it would help me, I ran out ….