Business Mistake No. 6 0

BUSINESS MISTAKE NO. 6:  NOT HAVING AN OPERATING MANUAL Ideally, every company should have an operating manual, but for the Inspiring Woman it’s a must!  An operating manual will help facilitate smooth, uninterrupted operation of your business.  It documents information such as general company data, policies, processes and procedures, key business contacts, vendors, collaborators, services, ….

On Meditation & Business… 0

“Early in my career, I believed that the stress I was feeling— and the worrying and the insomnia–was part of being successful. Yet, the minute I started making a conscious effort to let go of those things, I became more productive. Relieving the anxiety in your life is essential to being a good businessperson. If ….

The Miracle I’ve Been Looking For! 0

(From Diary of a Chronically-Ill Entrepreneur) Some of the things that PD makes difficult to do are fine motor skills, like writing and keyboarding (a.k.a. typing if you’re old school 🙂 !)  When I first began to experience this symptom I heard about the dictation software Dragon. Thinking it would help me, I ran out ….

Your Business Idea 0

Thinking about starting a business? Maybe having a business was never in your plans (neither was getting sick) but you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to work in your former position or capacity. Yet, you still need to generate some income and you’ve decided that working your own business from home is ….