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In the upcoming new year we will be introducing Get Inspired! — a news publication of IWGN. In this publication we’ll be bringing you articles about business, wellness, self care and more! We’ll share some of our favorite products. We’ll let you know about events taking place at IWGN as well as outside IWGN (both ….

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Are you an Inspiring Woman who’d like to impact the lives of others?  One of the core values of IWGN is to “assist, support and inspire” our fellow community members.  Consider sharing your brilliance, skills, talents, expertise or experience with us.  There are lots of ways you can contribute!  Here are some ideas: Offer a teleclass ….

The 4-1-1: How It All Began 1

Several years ago the course of my life journey changed dramatically when, three months after my wedding, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and soon after that Lyme Disease and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.  Dealing with these issues brought about drastic lifestyle changes and a crazy range of ups and downs, feelings and emotions.  ….

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TEST, TEST, TEST Thanks for stopping by to visit the IWGN website! We are still under construction but plan to officially launch Phase I of the site early 2014. We hope you’ll check back for blog posts after the launch. We’ve got some exciting topics to share with you! Be sure to sign up for the email list using the ….