The 4-1-1: How It All Began

Several years ago the course of my life journey changed dramatically when, three months after my wedding, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and shortly after that Lyme Disease. I also had symptoms of but wasn’t diagnosed until years later with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.  Dealing with these issues brought about some drastic lifestyle changes and a crazy range of ups and downs, feelings and emotions.  As I struggled one thing that always played in my mind was that I could either give in to these problems or choose to move forward with my goals and dreams.  I decided that I only have this one life so I chose to live it.  Not only that, but I was determined to live it fuller and better than ever before, and still make my mark on this world.

One area of my life that was quickly impacted by being sick was work.  I loved my job, but I couldn’t physically tolerate sitting at my desk 40 hours a week, or even function the same way I used to.  Eventually, I had no choice but to quit my job.  But with bills and expenses piling up, a now depleted savings account, the high cost of my medical bills and alternative care, no determination on my application for disability benefits and a recent divorce, I still needed to generate income!  Because of my background and (15+ years) experience working with entrepreneurs, and having had businesses in the past, the logical solution for me was to start my own home-based business.  With a business of my own creation I could make sure I’d have the flexibility I needed and I could model the business in a way that would meet my needs and unique situation.

But trying to run a business while being sick had challenges of its own–learning to manage an online business (which turned out to be a lot different than managing the brick-and-mortar businesses I used to counsel to during my career), managing my illness, trying to stay healthy and well, trying to keep my life balanced, working through pain or while feeling sick, staying encouraged and motivated and much more.  A lot of times I just wished I could reach out to others who could truly relate to my situation, but it wasn’t easy to find others in the same situation even though I knew they existed. So the idea for Inspiring Women’s Global Network (IWGN) was born.

I created IWGN as a vehicle to share with others and to learn from others whatever might be helpful for our journeys to stay well and continue pursuing our goals.  I wanted it to be fun, vibrant and different from the many depressing patient community sites I’d been on. I hope you’ll find here a little something that you need and that it will inspire you in some way to never give up and to continue to pursue living your best life!

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