Your Business Idea

Thinking about starting a business? Maybe having a business was never in your plans (neither was getting sick) but you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to work in your former position or capacity. Yet, you still need to generate some income and you’ve decided that working your own business from home is the solution.

So, now you have to come up with a business idea that’s right for you. You’ll have to consider your skills, talents and experience as well as your passion and what you enjoy doing. But that’s not all. The product or service you will offer has to be something that enough people also want or need. Don’t assume that “if you build it they will come” or that just because you want it so will everyone else. Your product or service should do at least one of these four things:

      • Solve a problem
      • Meet a need / fill a void
      • Fulfill a desire
      • Improve on something that exists

Before you make any significant investment in your new venture be sure to “test” your idea and its potential to capture buying customers.  To further examine your idea and look at some of the other questions you’ll need to consider, fill out our worksheet Getting Clear on Your Business Idea.


Are you stuck trying to come up with a business idea that fits? To find out what some other home-based business owners are doing download our free brainstorm list of 50 Biz Ideas You Can Start from Home.

Got more ideas for a home-based business? Share them in the Comments section below.

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