The Miracle I’ve Been Looking For!

(From Diary of a Chronically-Ill Entrepreneur)

Some of the things that PD makes difficult to do are fine motor skills, like writing and keyboarding (a.k.a. typing if you’re old school 🙂 !)  When I first began to experience this symptom I heard about the dictation software Dragon. Thinking it would help me, I ran out and bought the software right away. While setting it up I realized that getting the Dragon to work accurately would take a little more time and patience than I had available at the time, so I put the Dragon aside and ignored it for at least a couple of years. As I starting working more and more on IWGN, I found it almost impossible to get anything done without having to keyboard all the time. There are blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, articles, lesson plans, and the list goes on. This was causing a lot of strain on my fingers to the point that my venture was at a standstill for a brief time. Today I remembered the old Dragon so I pulled it out and decided to give it another shot. Boy am I glad I did!

Using the Dragon, I can “write” for longer periods of time and my fingers don’t cramp because I’m not using them as much. I’m thinking it can also help when my back hurts from sitting too long– I could probably literally lie in bed and dictate if I got desperate!  🙂  Even with this just being my first day of using the Dragon I am amazed at how much more I’m able to accomplish. This software is like a miracle for me and is a must have for the Inspiring Woman!

For those of you who don’t yet have a dictation software, look out for our Dragon software giveaway contest in an upcoming issue of the Get Inspired! newsletter. (If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter you can sign up here.) Can’t wait to get the Dragon?  It’s availablle now in our Book-tique.

Do you use the Dragon or another dictation software? What has been your experience?  Please post your comments below.

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