Happy New Year 2014

Life is the best thing God has given to you. So be grateful for it. When you accept the goodness of life you will stop fighting against it.”

Happy new year! I’m grateful to be alive in 2014. One of my best friends didn’t make it to the new year and another special person in my life just barely squeezed in. When I looked at the fact that I made it and many others didn’t I thought of the old cliché that says something like if God has kept you here it’s for a reason and your life has a specific purpose. Although I believe this is true, I am tired of going through my same old new year ritual of asking what my purpose is, what on earth I am here to do and making a list of goals and resolutions.

Right on time for this new year, the universe offered up another powerful question for me to ponder instead:

If you knew this were your last year on earth what would you want to accomplish?

I love this question! It’s not as daunting as the “bigger” questions about purpose or as exhausting as coming up with the typical list of goals and resolutions. This question helped me recognize what needs attention in my life right now and where my immediate focus should be. It gave me something I can work with.

I welcome you to take a little time to give this question some thought. If you’d like to share please feel free to write your comment below or e-mail me privately at sayhi@IWGNconnect.com.

May 2014 be your best year ever!

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