Spotlight: Inspirista, Joan Friedlander, Crohn’s Disease

(For your inspiration, the IWGN “Spotlight” feature highlights other entrepreneurs and achievers who are also living with chronic illness and making their mark on the world!  Meet these Inspiristas on our blog or in our newsletter.)
Joan Friedlander is a seasoned business and life coach who, after 13 years, found her way to maintaining a remission state with Crohn’s Disease-it’s now been eight years and counting!  She serves a client base that includes a significant number of entrepreneurs who are also dealing with health challenges, and is dedicated to working with those who need to recalibrate their business life after a health crisis. She is the author of several publications, including her latest book release Business from Bed: The 6-Step Comeback Plan to Get Yourself Working Again After a Health Crisis.  This book helped me in ways too many to list here.  But, mainly it influenced my perspective on my illness so that I was able to make it work for/with me.  It helped me focus in on what’s important and gave me clarity on next steps for my business.  (To get a copy of the book you can go to our Book-tique.)

Read more of Joan’s Story on her website

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