Spotlight: Lyme Disease Awareness Month – Inspirista, Christina Kovacs

(For your inspiration, the IWGN “Spotlight” feature highlights other entrepreneurs and achievers who are also living with chronic illness and making their mark on the world!  Meet these Inspiristas on our blog or in our newsletter.)
In recognition of Lyme Disease Awareness, meet this month’s Inspirista, the incredible Lady of Lyme, Christina Kovacs!

Christina was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in 2011 after a long 5 year battle of misdiagnosis. She wasted no time taking her passion for both patient advocacy and sharing her Lyme Disease experience, and combining it with her desire to be a resource for other patients to create Lady of Lyme just one short month after her diagnosis. Lady of Lyme is a virtual space to share the raw honest truth of this often misunderstood disease, and to connect with others who may be fighting the same battle. Christina uses her voice to speak about the truth behind this vicious disease. In December 2011 (just two short months following her diagnosis!) she hosted a charity event benefiting Lyme research, and has spoken publicly with many news outlets about tick protection and Lyme prevention. She became a partner for The Tick Borne Disease Alliance on their “Bite Back For A Cure” campaign in 2013. Lady of Lyme was nominated for ‘Health Activist Hero’ and ‘Best Kept Secret’ in the 2014 Wego Health Awards. Way to get to work, Christina! You’re a true inspiration!

When I discovered Christina’s website and blog I was impressed by her story and the rich content and resources, all beautifully presented (her talent for design is evident). I was blown away by her passion and immediate action toward serving the Lyme (and other invisible illnesses) community. When I reached out to her via email, she did not disappoint—she was passionate and prompt in her reply and her beautiful, kind and pleasant, gracious spirit came through even via our brief email correspondence.

Christina, I think I can speak for all of us in the Lyme Disease, Invisible Illness and IWGN communities when I say thank you for your dedication and contribution to our cause.

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