Blogs We Love

  • A Comic Life Indeed
    The sad, but true, but funny tale of one girl, her hundred something diseases, and the medical system that couldn’t handle any of it.  Although no longer an active blog, it’s still one of my favorites!
  • The Sick Diva
    This published poet writes about fashion, faith, fun and how a high maintenance gal deals with chronic pain, while mixing it up with original works of poetry.
  • A Body of Hope: Stories of Survivors
    This blog shares stories of people who have inspired the author as well as of her own experiences with chronic illness and putting the pieces back together. The posts are funny, inspirational and informative.
  • Dear Thyroid
    Dear Thyroid is a unique brand of thyroid support.  99% of the site is written by and for patients with thyroid diseases and cancers, and their families.  They write and submit love and hate letters to their thyroids beginning with Dear Thyroid, of course, among other literary things
  • HealClick
    A collection of entertaining yet informative blog posts from various writers about Healing and Living Well wiith Chronic Illness.  As indicated in their Warning “authors are light-hearted, optimistic and somewhat inappropriate.”
  • The Spoon Theory
    Written by Christine Miserandino.  Read her personal story and analogy of what it is like to live with sickness or disability.

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